Quality Improvement Plan

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)


“In a Quality Improvement organization each and every health care provider and staff member believes that change and improvement are an intrinsic part of everyone’s work every day, in all parts of the system. Shifting to this new focus involves substantial reframing of the idea of the work of health care, as well as the use of a wide variety of tools and methods.” (//www.hqontario.ca/quality-improvement/quality-improvement-planning)

(Batalden P, Davidoff, F. ‘What is “quality improvement” and how can it transform health care?’ Qual. Saf. Health Care 2007; 16:2-3 )

Click the link below to view the Progress Report of WRNPLC’s 2015-16 QIP

Progress Report 2015-16

Click below to view WRNPLC’s 2015/16 Quality Improvement Plan

QIP Narrative 2016-17