There is no treatment for COVID-19. Unless you have an otherwise complex condition such as COPD or if you are immunosuppressed, if you have symptoms ordinarily associated with the flu, seeing your NP, going to the ER or getting tested for COVID-19 will not change the advice.  Advice will continue to be;

  • stay home, rest, drink plenty of fluids
  • over-the-counter cough and cold medicine can help with symptom relief (only if it is safe for you to take). REMEMBER to send someone else to pick this up for you
  • humidifiers and ample hydration are important
  • cough and sneeze into your sleeve and wash your hands frequently.

If you think you have COVID-19;

Currently the only patients at high risk of contracting the virus in Canada are those with a history of international travel. We do expect that the number of cases will grow and travel history and know contact with confirmed cases will become less relevant. Symptoms of the COVID-19 virus are similar to other respiratory viruses. Most common symptoms of COVID-19 are;

Almost always: fever, cough, difficulty breathing

Common:  fatigue, muscle aches, sore throat, headache, decreased appetite, runny nose

Sometimes:  vomiting, diarrhea, pneumonia, kidney failure

Check our posts daily for updates and PLEASE do your part to keep everyone safe.

Stay well